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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need a legal or home test?

A: Two types of tests are available and knowing the difference between the two will help you make the right choice for your situation.

Legal testing follows strict chain of custody procedures and ensures the identity of all persons being tested, while home testing does not. For results to be admissible in court or accepted by a government agency, the test requires that chain of custody is maintained and the samples are collected by a disinterested third party. Legal tests can be used for various purposes such as child support, child custody, probate, social security and other government related instances. This test is fully accredited by AABB.

A home test allows the persons being tested to collect the samples in the privacy of their own home. This is not a legal test and cannot be converted into a legal test. This test should only be used if a person needs “peace of mind” and no matter what the results are, it will not be needed in court or by a government agency.

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Q: What are my payment options?

A: Payment can be conveniently made using one of the following methods at the time of sample collection:
1. Cash
2. Money Order
3. Cashier’s Check
4. Master Card/Visa/American Express

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Q: How much does it cost?

A: See our Fee Schedule 

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Q: Is a cheek swab or blood used?

A: DNA is present in every cell in the body, so it is not necessary to use blood. The same DNA is present in blood as in cheek cells. A swab, which is similar to a large Q-tip, can be gently rubbed inside the mouth along the lining of the jaw. Cells stick to the swab and the laboratory can extract the DNA from these cells. A cheek swab is the preferred method of gathering cells from an individual because it is quick, easy and painless.

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Q: How quickly can I get results?

A: Our state of the art facility allows us to produce results in five business days or less. Results can be ready as quickly as 3 business days, contact one of our customer service representatives. Results can be given over the phone when a phone authorization password is given. A hard copy of the results will be mailed out by first class mail.

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Q: Is the testing confidential and private?

A: Yes. All information is completely confidential and private. Final test results will only be forwarded to the specific individuals being tested unless requested to do otherwise.

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Q: Where are the samples processed?

All samples are processed in our state of the art facility located in the Presbyterian Health Foundation Research Park in Oklahoma City, OK. DNA Solutions accepts and processes all samples onsite. Take comfort in knowing that you are working directly with the laboratory that will process and analyze your samples and not with a broker or middleman.

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Q: Do you have to test the mother?

A: The testing can be done accurately without testing the mother. However, it is recommended that the mother also be tested whenever possible. Since half of a child’s DNA comes from the biological mother and half from the biological father, if the mother is tested then the child’s genetic markers that do not match the biological mother, must in fact come from the biological father.

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Q: What do I do if the Alleged Father is deceased?

A: Many times samples that can be used for DNA testing are available after a person is deceased. Samples may be available from the medical examiner, coroner, hospital or funeral home. If a sample exists from the deceased, consent from next of kin is required to perform a paternity test.

If a sample is not available, there are other options available such as grandparentage, siblingship or Y analysis. To find out more about these types of tests, contact one of our customer service representatives.

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Q: How are the results reported?

 Results are either listed as an exclusion (the alleged father is not the biological father) or as an inclusion (the alleged father is the biological father). In a standard paternity test (one child, one mother and one alleged father) results are 99.99% for an inclusion or a 100% certainty for exclusion.

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Q: Where do I go to get a sample collection done?

A: DNA Solutions has an extensive network of collection sites regardless of what city, state or country you live in. Our customer service representatives can arrange collections regardless of where the person being tested reside.

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Q: What is AABB?

A: AABB stands for the American Association of Blood Banks. AABB is the accrediting body for relationship testing laboratories. DNA Solutions is accredited by AABB; very few labs actually hold this accreditation. The AABB’s Relationship Testing Accreditation program is the highest standard for DNA relationship testing laboratories. The program establishes and promotes the highest standards of testing quality and care for clients in all aspects of relationship testing. Most courts and other government agencies require DNA tests to be performed by AABB accredited laboratories. If you search the internet you will find “Home Testing” or “Self Kits” advertised by “AABB Accredited” laboratories. AABB conducts on site inspects for quality and for proper procedures. One of these procedures is chain of custody. A chain of custody is documentation that ensures the correct test participants were tested. A Home Test doesn’t have a chain of custody and does not have to follow AABB guidelines. This is why the results of a home test are not admissible in court or accepted by a government agency.

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Q: Why choose DNA Solutions?

A: At DNA Solutions we do all of our own testing in our state of the art facility located in Oklahoma City, OK. We have a highly trained staff that participates in the College of American Pathologist proficiency tests three times a year. Each individual analyst must pass a vigorous annual competency exam. Our Director of Operations has over 20 years of laboratory experience in DNA analysis and is recognized around the world as an expert in DNA research and analysis. Our Laboratory Director has over 30 years of experience in genetic testing and DNA analysis and has served on the Board and numerous subcommittees of the American Association of Blood Blanks (AABB). When choosing a DNA testing company, choose a company that has proven itself in the industry through reliability, quality and trust.

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