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The truth. Not being 100% certain about a child's true father can put your entire life on hold. Our testing gives you hard scientific facts that can provide you with the answers you need.

Our Tests Are:
- Legally defensible
- Affordable

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* GMS is the #1 software product on the market for Hunting operations & Deer farmers. Track all aspects of your hunting and deer breeding operations such as: Harvest Info, stand locations, scheduling, census counts, food plot info & much more.

Deer breeders/farmers can track herd inventory, pedigree (no generation limitations) meds, bottle feedings, semen, state required reports and much much more.


Texas Deer Association

* The Texas Deer Association (TDA) is the only non-profit organization in Texas solely dedicated to improving the quality of Texas deer herds. Founded in 1999, TDA promotes and cares for the welfare and health of our deer herds and on ways to improve deer quality and the hunting experience in Texas.

As the unified voice of deer enthusiasts throughout the state, TDA is also a tireless champion for wise management practices on high- and low-fenced private properties.

From hunters looking for bigger racks to land owners working to provide an improved habitat, everyone benefits from healthier deer and better harvests. Everyone benefits with TDA.

North American Deer Farmers Association

* NADeFA® (North American Deer Farmers Association) is dedicated to the promotion of deer farming and ranching as an agricultural pursuit and serves its members through its educational programs and publications and by providing leadership in setting and maintaining quality standards.

The North American Deer Farmers Association® exists to:
establish, encourage and facilitate an exchange of ideas on breeding, handling and deer farm management among members promote deer farming and ranching and venison consumption in North America and to acquire and distribute information on all aspects of deer farming and ranching to members provide a forum for the solution of deer farming and ranching challenges and to keep members informed regarding the implementation of such solutions represent the deer farming and ranching industry to all levels of government, to livestock producers and to other related organizations provide a registry for privately-owned cervidae establish and promote ethical standards of conduct and husbandry in deer farming and ranching establish, promote and actively market standards for deer and deer products.