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NADR Membership Information
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This pedigree database called the North American Deer Registry (NADR) is a cooperative effort by the North American Deer Farmers Association (NADeFA) and the Texas Deer Association (TDA).  NADR has contracted with DNA Solutions to perform the genotyping services as well as administration of the records.   DNA Solutions has many years of experience in genetic analysis and will continue to provide the highest quality and superior DNA testing services.

The advantages to joining NADR and registering your animals are listed below, but you must be a member of either NADeFA or TDA to benefit from this powerful industry relationship. 

    •  No annual membership fees; it is a benefit to NADeFA and TDA members.
    • Compare pedigree lineage with genetic data from all animals genotyped by DNA Solutions.
    • The most complete animal lineage possible for your whitetails.
    • Reduced cost to the deer breeder for parent information and genotyping their animals. 
    • Access to online deer inventory and pedigree information. 

    Registry Information
    NADR and DNA Solutions are excited to offer this registry to all deer breeders. Packets of information explaining the entire process including membership applications, sample collection and submission information are available upon request or by downloading or printing from the NADR files on this page.

    Everyone submitting samples to NADR must utilize the forms found in the information packet. This will simplify the submission of your samples and avoid processing delays.

    Quality Assurance
    This service will add value to your animals through registration and support your deer breeding efforts. The NADR Registry will ensure quality control of the registration process through proper documentation of its processes. The Registry has an established Advisory Board that has been appointed by the Board of Directors of NADR. The Advisory Board consists of deer breeders with applicable knowledge and experience of the registry and the processes involved with registering deer. The main purpose of this board is to review and resolve issues that may arise with the registry that require deer industry knowledge and experience. Your NADR officers for the current year are below.

    Ray Burdette, President
    Rob Beckham, Vice President
    Dick Cain, Treasurer
    Vicki McLean, Secretary

    Additional members:

    Chris McDaniel
    Juan Lino Garza
    Abraham Garcia
    Sheldon Grothaus
    Rob Beckham
    David McQuiag
    Fred Huebner
    Kevin Grace
    Robert Williams

    Non-voting members:

    Shawn Schafer
    Dr. Brandt Cassidy

    Please contact your officers by clicking on their name above or you may contact NADR through DNA Solutions.

    Maria Sierra - NADR Coordinator

    840 Research Parkway
    Suite 551
    Oklahoma City, OK 73104
    phone: (405) 271-6033,
    toll free: 1-866-362-9778 (1-DNA-XPRT)
    fax: (405) 271-6034