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Our association with Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation's (ORMF) bioinformatics division has allowed resources second to none. Their bioinformatics group has 5 members, 3 degreed bioinformaticians, a database engineer, and a biostastician. Together they provide for the analytical needs of the users. They also actively perform research in the area of microarray bioinformatics. The methods used by the facility were all developed by this group and include methods for normalization, differential gene expression analysis, clustering, and gene networking (identifying interacting gene sets). Unlike commercially available microarray analysis software and the majority of freeware, our in-house developed methods establish statistically relevant thresholds such that sensitivity and specificity are maximized. These methods are reviewed by the bioinformatics community and are becoming part of the standard in this evolving field. These methods have been used to identify significant biological processes involved in a variety of human diseases and mouse models. In addition, our bioinformatics group has taken the lead in developing an accepted standard microarray database denoted BASE - BioArray Software Environment, used in whole or in part by over one hundred microarray labs world-wide.