Deer DNA and Animal Genetic Analysis


Deer Genetic Analysis

Huge whitetail buck with good genetics

DNA is the genetic material of all living things and the genetic information is written in the DNA molecule in the form of genes. We understand the physical traits of parents show up in their offspring because of genetics. This genetic information is passed on because one half of an offspring's DNA comes from the sire and the other half comes from the dam.

Breeders hope that a buck with large antlers will pass that genetic trait to his fawns. Breeders select the bucks that will be used in their breeding programs and try to prevent other bucks from contributing. DNA testing has become a valuable tool for breeders. The very same technology used in human identification can be applied to deer. The test looks at specific pieces of DNA which are referred to as "DNA markers." These markers come in pairs, one from the sire and one from the dam. The pattern of each of the markers is the genetic profile or genotype of the animal. This profile is constant for an animal but differs between animals.


  • Unique Identification
  • Species Verification
  • Parentage Verification
  • Confirm Artificial Insemination Success
  • Settle Ownership Disputes
  • Poaching or Illegal Hunting Prosecutions and Defense
  • Insurance Claims
  • Solve Forensic Mysteries

Samples processed and results returned in 15 business days or less.

DNA Testing Benefits Breeders

  • Confirm identity
  • Establish Genetic Profiles
  • Confirm Pedigrees
  • Establish Paternity / Maternity to perpetuate valuable bloodlines

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